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Felipe Nunes ux developer about me


I am a Brazilian geek/nerd, UX Developer with 15+ years of experience in web, with focus on e-Commerce (8+ years). I studied Visual Communication with emphasis on Marketing (ESPM).

I'm always studying, reading and learning new things. Currently working at B2W Digital.

I love technology, geek/nerd stuff, photography, movies, reading, studying, music, animation (3D/2D), typography and design in general.

Specialties: Web Standards, e-Commerce, Semantic Web, UX Design, Usability.

my projects


  • Victor Lopes
    Victor Lopes Business Card + Branding design, branding, business card
  • Gabriela Lameirão
    Gabriela Lameirão Business Card + Branding design, branding, business card
  • Lameirão & Lameirão Advogados
    Lameirão & Lameirão Advogados Branding design, branding, consulting, business card
  • Americanas Mundo
    Americanas Mundo front-end
  • Americanas Mercadinho
    Americanas Mercadinho ux, design, front-end
  • B2W Empresas
    B2W Empresas design,front-end, ux, consulting
  • Americanas Empresas
    Americanas Empresas design, front-end, ux, consulting
  • Lojas Americanas
    Lojas Americanas Gift Card for Business + Admin design, front-end, ux, consulting
  • CCXP
    CCXP Event Credentials Purchase Flow + UX Consulting design, ux, consulting
  • Branding design, branding

Most of my projects aren't here, because they are old projects, but I have participated in projects in different areas (design, consulting, UX and front-end) and several clients such as Lojas Americanas, Pepsico, Nike, Ponto Frio, Extra, Casas Bahia,, Submarino, Shoptime, Mundo Geek, Motorola, IOC (International Olympic Committee), Emporio da Cerveja (AmBev), Disney, Natura, OmeleteBox, Intel, New Ótica etc.



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